Planting God's Peace

Multiplying Disciples, Leaders and Churches in Latin America

In a continent with 660 million people, we are catalyzing a movement that equips ordinary men and women to plant God's peace and change communities.

We aim to reach a continent for Christ - and it's happening.

So far we have seen...


Houses of Peace established in 17 countries


lay men and women in training to be leaders and pastors


have become followers of Christ

Our Model of Ministry

The Community Church Planting model is a movement of God that focuses on using ordinary people to go beyond church buildings to meet people right where they are.

About Us

Planting God's Peace

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God is powerfully at work in Latin America.

Despite the pandemic and much social, political, and economic instability, courageous Latin Americans are faithfully multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches.

Sustained by prayer and the movement of the Holy Spirit, God's peace is expanding in relational networks throughout Latin America.

Sustainability In Community

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2022 CPP Summit

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The gift of peace

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