Stories from the Field

Real stories of ordinary men and women who are spreading God's peace in Latin America.


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Sustainability In Community

Since its formation a little over two years ago, Impact Latin America has seen a significant growth in new believers, leaders and Houses of Peace which alone have grown by … Read more

2022 CPP Summit

Last week, a strategic group of key Community Church Planting (CCP) leaders from across Latin America met in Medellín, Colombia. For some, it was a reunion long delayed by the … Read more

The gift of peace

Because of your support, our 2021 budget was fully funded, despite the pandemic. This investment is bearing remarkable fruit.Click the link below to hear the Year End Report. Like you, … Read more

The Gospel at Gunpoint

Miguel Quintero was teaching the Community Church Planting (CCP) model at the front of the room when a man burst in waving a gun and shouting for them to hand … Read more

Here I am, send me

Daniela da Cunha’s story is one of healing from wounds that happened not outside but within a loving church and family. Over the years, God has restored her and, not only that, … Read more

Transforming Love

Sebastian Carballo understands transformation. When he first held the certificate that commissioned him as a pastor in his hands, he said, “My family will never believe this. They never thought … Read more