Community Church Planting Model

A movement of God that focuses on using ordinary people to go beyond church buildings to meet people right where they are.

Developed in South Africa by Bruce Bennett, the Community Church Planting (CCP) model has resulted in thousands of new churches in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and now Latin America. Culturally adapted by Latin Americans in the field, CCP develops healthy leaders who multiply disciples, leaders, and churches that bring integral transformation to their communities: God’s peace.

CCP is a movement of God that focuses on using ordinary people to go beyond church buildings to meet people right where they are.

The genius of Jesus


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The Community Church Planting model follows Jesus' simple genius, developing the leadership capacities of ordinary women and men of every age and area of society through relational training and coaching.

  • Following Matthew 10 and Luke 10, local Latin American leaders are trained to look for a “Person of Peace”, those whom God has prepared to receive the good news.
  • Persons of Peace form Houses of Peace. Like in the New Testament, these ‘churches’ are not a building but a community of believers, often meeting in humble homes, parks, and businesses.
  • Houses of Peace are trained and supported to become catalysts for transformation in the communities where God has placed them.
  • Following 2 Timothy 2:2, disciples, leaders, and churches are multiplied to the fourth generation - and beyond
Youth House of Peace
Spreading God's Peace Person to Person


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Daisy Arzu teaching

The CCP model is spreading God’s peace person to person, propagating the movement to other countries, denominations, and associations through natural networks of friendship and kinship.

  • No one does this alone. People and Houses of Peace are grouped in networks who are resourced by a trained network coordinator.
  •  In 55 networks in 17 countries, network coordinators promote integrity, accountability, and sustainability through ongoing training, encouragement, and prayer.
  • Conscious that they are part of a larger movement of God, the CCP network is sharing stories, encouragement, and needs across vast geographic and cultural differences through virtual means. 
Holistic Training for Healthy Leaders and Communities


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Impact Latin America offers practical, holistic training that balances head (knowledge), heart (character), and hands (fruitfulness), fostering balanced lives while developing leaders.

  • We offer practical ministry tools to newly forming or established communities of believers, implanting CCP’s model of multiplication.
  • All 55 CCP networks submit quarterly reports, allowing us to bear witness to what God is doing across the continent, monitor progress, identify areas of concern, and focus prayer.
  • Sin oración no hay multiplicación – Without prayer there is no multiplication. Organized prayer networks in the US and Latin America undergird and sustain the movement.
  • Our funding sustains effective leaders - those who have demonstrated fruitfulness in mentoring and training others to multiply the movement in other countries or regions.
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