A Way In The Desert

August 4, 2022


A Way In The Desert

Seven hundred thousand Wayuu live in Venezuela and Colombia. Even before the Venezuelan crisis and the pandemic, this indigenous group was already struggling. But God is making a way in the desert.

Impact Latin America is planting God’s peace among people and communities that have little hope. Watch the video below to find out how.

Latin America is a beautiful continent full of rich culture and wonderful people. It also contains the world’s greatest income equality, the world’s highest Covid mortality rate and is home to the fastest growing source of displaced persons.

Impact Latin America is planting God’s peace in regions – like Guajira – that are in desperate need. Would you help us support these Latin American leaders by becoming a one-time or monthly donor? A gift of $50 a month will be multiplied many times over in the life of a new believer, a growing leader and a struggling community.

Join us today to support this movement.

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