Transforming Love

Sebastian Carballo understands transformation. When he first held the certificate that commissioned him as a pastor in his hands, he said, “My family will never believe this. They never thought I would amount to anything.” Seventeen years ago, Sebastian showed up to a church in Durazno, Uruguay, not to worship but to steal bicycles for … Read more

One in three

No other region has been hit harder by the pandemic than Latin America. Worldwide, one in three Covid-19 related deaths are Latin American. Such grim statistics are primarily due to the fact that, for the vast majority of Latin Americans, a prolonged economic shutdown is impossible. Almost no one could afford to stay home. To … Read more

Jesus’ Model of Leadership

This movement started with a vision: to reach a continent for Christ. That vision might seem like an ambitious grasp for power if not for one critical detail: Jesus Christ. In a world where leaders are too often demagogues or dictators, Jesus’ leadership turns our grasp for power and control upside down. Washing feet, feeding hungry crowds, and … Read more

Your old men will dream dreams

Impact Latin America exists to support a transformational, biblical movement happening in Latin America. Supporting leaders like Pastor Hiuberth Zapata is critical to the ongoing health of that movement. We chose Pastor Hiuberth, and leaders like him, for the biblical Community Church Planting (CCP) principles he displays. Scriptures like Acts 2:17 leap to life in the story … Read more