Stories from the Field

Real stories of ordinary men and women who are spreading God's peace in Latin America.


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Jesus’ Territory

More than anywhere else in Latin America, God’s kingdom is expanding through Community Church Planting in Venezuela. Of Impact’s 970 … Read more

A Way In The Desert

Seven hundred thousand Wayuu live in Venezuela and Colombia. Even before the Venezuelan crisis and the pandemic, this indigenous group … Read more

Mexico, My Love

God loves Mexico and is using Impact Latin America to spread that love! Impact Latin America’s Community Church Planting Director, … Read more

‘Cumbre’ Means Community!

We’re not just planting community churches, we’re building a community network around new leaders and churches to ensure they will … Read more

Quarterly Report

The movement continues to grow! The second Quarterly Report this year showed a net gain of 81 Houses of Peace … Read more

Sustainability In Community

Since its formation a little over two years ago, Impact Latin America has seen a significant growth in new believers, … Read more

2022 CPP Summit

Last week, a strategic group of key Community Church Planting (CCP) leaders from across Latin America met in Medellín, Colombia. … Read more

The gift of peace

Because of your support, our 2021 budget was fully funded, despite the pandemic. This investment is bearing remarkable fruit.Click the … Read more

The Gospel at Gunpoint

Miguel Quintero was teaching the Community Church Planting (CCP) model at the front of the room when a man burst … Read more

Here I am, send me

Daniela da Cunha’s story is one of healing from wounds that happened not outside but within a loving church and family. Over … Read more

Transforming Love

Sebastian Carballo understands transformation. When he first held the certificate that commissioned him as a pastor in his hands, he … Read more

One in three

No other region has been hit harder by the pandemic than Latin America. Worldwide, one in three Covid-19 related deaths … Read more